Easy Fit back fastener

Each Jacketz features a convenient back fastener. The Easy Fit back fastener makes it easy for dog owners to put on and remove the Jacketz.

Step 1 Open all fasteners and place the Jacketz flat on the ground, with the inside facing upwards.

Step 2  Position the dog or cat with their front paws in the openings – one by one if necessary.

Step 3  Pull the body suit up and fasten some of the press studs.

Step 4  Repeat this action on the back, and then fasten all the press studs one by one.

Step 5  Adjust the rear fasteners in such a way that the Jacketz fits correctly, that is, neither too tight nor too loose.

The simplicity of Easy Fit

For all cats and dogs

Available in all sizes

Easy Fit

Ease of putting on and removal

Maximum comfort

Breathable, elastic fabric for comfort

Stimulates healing

Provides protection from licking, scratching, biting and external hazards