Jacketz Medical Body Suits for cats

Jacketz for skin problems or after surgery

The Jacketz Medical Body Suit provides protection for the neck, the entire trunk and armpit zones in the event of skin problems such as hotspots, irritation due to allergies, injuries, or when bandages have been applied. Jacketz keep the patient comfortably warm after surgery under anaesthesia. Jacketz stimulate faster healing of the affected parts, since licking, scratching and biting of these parts is prevented.

A double inner layer is applied on the abdomen side if a more absorbent dressing is required. Jacketz are made of a breathable, elastic fabric and ensure optimal freedom of movement for your animal, making them an animal-friendly alternative to the classic plastic neck-cone. Jacketz are easy to put on and remove thanks to the practical, adjustable fastenings on the back and the extensions.

Jacketz for anxious cats

The slight pressure that is exerted by a Jacketz when it is around the cat’s trunk seems to give some animals an additional feeling of safety and security. These cats may benefit from wearing a Jacketz in stressful situations. A visit to the vet, a new environment or the noise of fireworks may thereby be made more tolerable.

Give your cat some time to get used to wearing the Jacketz. Some cats may exhibit unusual behaviour for a while; sneaking about, creeping or continually sitting still are typical behaviours. Try to put the cat at ease, and give them time to get used to wearing the Jacketz.

Jacketz for cats


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